Arabs Got Talents

February 14, 2011 3 comments

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Do they ?

A frequent question comes to my head, when i first saw mbc announced that Arabs will follow (as usual) and promoted with mottled Ads to a “promising” and “unique” show that will introduce unbelievable talents and abilities of Arabs..ha!

At that point i wondered : why should we Arabs always be followers? why can’t be creative in anything in this world? and how does this supposed to be logical promoting and shouting out that we have “amazing” talents and creative people to put on the surface while we’re too weak even to produce the program in different way!

same theater, same rules, same arrangements, even the judgment committee members have the same ‘sense of humor levels’ 😉 , they’re simply applying the same theme of the original non-arabic  show.

I was always convinced that Arabs have got a lot of things, ability is not one of them, this stereotype starts to be improved day after day especially through watching competitors one after another had been showing proudly their stupidity in front of millions of people.

and by the way almost none of them was presenting an ‘Arabic related stuff’, which allows me to add another fact to my facts list that Arabs are not only don’t have talents and non-iconic but also shamefully are not genuine.

it’s disgusting how they look  like, speak, wear and move, especially those guys who pierce and do things with their eyebrows i don’t why and how !!

for sure these dangerous facts are more than enough to make a lot of mature friends of mine and myself depressed and afraid on the future of those young Arabs with some abilities and a lot of intellectual disabilities 😀 .

until i one day realised that a brave recessive Tunisian guy ‘Bo Azizi’ burned  himself -regardless how wrong and prohibited is this action, may Allah forgive and bless his soul- maybe he didn’t know that time he also fires up a spark of revolution and freedom inside hearts of another Tunisians, Egyptians and i’m daring to say around all over the frustrated world.

Now this is a talent, a real striking one , creative ability to change, genuine and most important it’s true because it stems from belief , blended with oppression and  overthrew the dictatorship as a result.

I do really respect these talented guys, i do apologies for those honest guys i used to underestimate their great abilities and i allow myself to classify Arabs today into two poles, one belongs to mature brave and honest part and another belongs to MBC group and it’s westernisation mentality and some neutrals in between, You guys can and have to choose to which group you want to be counted on, and don’t worry in both cases people will see in you -somehow- a talented person 🙂

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For an Effective Life

P/PC balance…a golden rule for an effective life

Few months ago after I had been living a few  disappointments in my work and life I’ve started searching for something new in my life, a new me, I was in instant search for a self change, i needed passionately to become more powerful, proactive, enthusiastic and effective.

Yes that’s it efficiency is the key and the common feature we can easily notice in the great and successful characters in this world.

Eventually I found the 7 habits of highly effective people for Stephen Covey book, actually it’s very

Useful, helpful and rich with experiences and applicable principles and not just theory.

According to this book and a lot of analysis and research, the author believes that efficiency is based on a principle called P/PC (Production/Production-Capacity) balance; remember the story of the poor farmer who one day discovers in the nest  of his pet goose a glittering golden egg,, day after day he awakens to rush to the nest and find another golden egg, here he becomes impatient and unable to wait  for the golden eggs until he decides to kill the goose and get all the golden eggs at once.

But when he opens the goose, he finds it empty. There are no golden eggs and there’s no way to get any more! The poor farmer destroyed the goose that produces golden eggs.

In fact this is a natural law principle; most people see the effectiveness from the golden eggs paradigm.

The more you produce the more effective you are.

As the story shows there should have a balance between the Production(golden eggs)

And the Production capability (the goose).

Taking care of one of them neglecting the other  will not ever lead to full efficiency;

to be continued…

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